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"This is what civilization should look like."
-- Ralph Nader on Powell's Book Store

"That many people taking an interest is scary. The Internet is a scary thing. I'm a complete technophobe, which is why I don't have e-mail."
-- Orlando Bloom on his 'Net popularity

"Close only counts with horseshoes and hand granades."
-- Anonymous

:: Nothing But ::
:: 11:32 p.m. ::
:: Thursday, May 16, 2002 ::

I saw "Star Wars: Episode II" twice today.

Oh, yesssss, I did. :)


But I am currently too tired to honestly talk about it much. So I won't.

Anyhoo, I did another IB test on Tuesday. I CAN'T SPELL, and it showed on the test. I feel like a moron, but I probably didn't get discounted that much... Estimated score: 5 - 6.



:: I B Screwed ::
:: 07:14 p.m. ::
:: Monday, May 13, 2002 ::

You know you're in IB when...
  • you have theoretical physics discussions at parties
  • you start analyzing random books, song lyrics, and street signs
  • a good night's sleep is 5 hours
  • you write stories and give them to other people to analyze for you because you don't understand them
  • 16+2= ...wait let me get my graphing calculator!
  • you find deep meaning in the words to "I Wanna Be Sedated "
  • the idea of "getting off on tangents" is hilariously funny
  • the number on your screen name corresponds to the page number that character you use for your screen name has an appearance in the book you got it from
  • you understand above the first time you read it
  • whenever you're watching a movie you find all the motifs and themes...without trying
  • you find juxtaposition in places you shouldn't be looking for it
  • you spend all your time complaining about your work, then do it hurriedly because you want to get to bed and don't know where all the time went

- IB Humor Checklist

Quick Sajeupdate today.

Predicted scores on my IB tests so far (for shits and giggles... I'll buy myself something if I get them all correct):

  • English Paper One: 5 - 6
  • Physics Paper One: 5
  • Physics Paper Two: 4 - 5
  • Physics Paper Three: 5 - 6
  • English Paper Two: 5
  • History Paper One: 6
  • History Paper Two: 5 - 6

And a quick rant:

I GOT SPOILED! Grr! This makes unhappySaje. Yes, indeedy, kiddies... Saje, the girl who goes OUT OF HER WAY to NOT be spoiled for "Star Wars: Episode II" (despite the fact that it meant NOT buying -- or even looking at -- associated toys, comic books, soundtracks, etc.) GOT SPOILED BY A FRIGGIN' TV INTERVIEW!



You thought there was more? Silly mortal. I archived!

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